2 Days Toubkal trip 2 days

Toubkal Trekking 2 days from Marrakech

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Summary of our Toubkal climbing experience:

  • DAY1: Marrakech-Imlil-Toubkal hostel

  • DAY2: Toubkal Hostal-Summit (4167m)-back to Imlil

  • How long does it take to climb Mount Toubkal?

  • What is the weather like on Mount Toubkal?

  • What should I pack to hike up Mount Toubkal?

Toubkal climbing itinerary

DAY1: Marrakech-Imlil-Toubkal hostel

Departure from Marrakech in the early morning toward Imlil Valley, in the way up you can have some stops to take pictures when you willing to do that, once you arrive to Imlil village (1750m) you’ll meet you guide to do a discussion about what you going to do while you have a welcoming cup of tea, then start your walking, you’ll have your lunch somewhere (above 2200m) when you get close to you destination.

Overnight in toubkal Hostel (3207m).

DAY2: Toubkal Hostal-Summit (4167m)-back to Imlil

In the very early morning (around 4 a.m or 5 a.m), get your breakfast then keep walking to achieve your purpose (summit of Toubkal mount 4167m), then get back with same way heading to Imlil Village, and take a lunch break in the way down in hoping to enjoy your trekking.

Transfer to Marrakech or overnight in Imlil village.

Things to know before you climb Mount Toubkal

Climbing Mount Toubkal is an excellent introduction to your mountaineering adventures, taking only a long weekend to complete!

How long does it take to climb Mount Toubkal?

    The Mount Toubkal ascent only takes two days, with most of the walking done on the first day.

The first day's trek takes around 5 hours. We cover 11km of gentle incline over well-defined paths, with time to take in the scenery as well as to acclimatize at the camp at the end of the day. But as we said already we can extend it to four days trip.

What is the weather like on Mount Toubkal?

    Set in Morocco, Mount Toubkal is often considered a hot trekking destination. However, while Marrakech will range between 28°C and 37°C in the trekking season, the valleys of the High Atlas Mountains are cooler, particularly as you walk higher. It’s mostly dry, with very little rainfall and clear blue skies, but it can be misty as you move up.

What should I pack to hike up Mount Toubkal?

    Packing correctly is essential to making the most of your trek. Pack for any dietary requirements and remember to bring a refillable water bottle.

As the summit day starts before sunrise, a hat, gloves and a down jacket are essential to keeping warm, though layers are also helpful. There is one night without access to electricity, so a power bank may be useful. The mules will carry any extra gear up the mountain such as wash bags, nightclothes, and sleeping bags.